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“It’s OK to be a slut.”-Sasha Grey


Wooooooo! What a week.

It’s been hectic here at Stupid Females HQs. Prom is this weekend and we’ve been very stressed due to plans changing and new ones coming into order.

So I was reading the newest issue of ‘RollingStone Magazine’, big fan, and I came around a very interesting article. This particular article was centered on an up-and-coming porn-star named Sasha Grey and her rise to the top in the sex-industry.

In a paragraph where she explains what she hopes to do other than swallow gallons of man-syrup for money is to teach young women that:

“sex is OK. It’s OK to be a slut. You don’t have to be ashamed.”

Well, we have posted an article in the past about women degrading themselves and this one just about tops every example.

A legal prostitute is trying to teach our younger generation of females that it’s OK to have sex with many men and I for one believe that is wrong. This statement is dinosauric in the section of retard-logic.

How about you try to spread knowledge instead of young girls’ legs?

This is your wake-up-call, Stupid Females of America!

With that being said, I’ve vented my current Female frustrations.


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““It’s OK to be a slut.”-Sasha Grey”

  1. On December 5th, 2010 at 7:25 am maggie Says:

    it IS okay to be a slut. there’s a major double standard when it comes to sleeping around. men who do so are players and ladies’ men. if someone wants to have a lot of sex and they’re using protection, being safe, and not damaging their relationships in the process, who cares? it’s fun. and degradation is in the eye of the beholder. if a woman feels empowered by multiple orgasms, how in the world is that a bad thing?

  2. On September 30th, 2013 at 6:22 pm M Says:

    Amazing that Grey made this statement when she admitted to getting how many STDs on Tyra’s show? You can be a lady and be sexual. Being comfortable with your sexuality is great and healthy but being a slut is not (unless you’re fine with having no self-respect, and don’t mind getting STD’s).

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